Alvar Aalto Tour in Finland

This architectural  tour will let you discover some of the best known buildings Alvar Aalto designed and also some other notable structures of Finnish architecture. This is a draft tour showcasing some highlights. We can tailor the tour to suit your wishes. Group size: 1-50. Can be carried out year round.

Day 1-2: Helsinki

Finlandia Hall, photo by Visit Finland

The most notable of Alvar Aalto’s later designs is the Finlandia Hall. Get to know this lovely building along with other remarkable buildings from Aalto. Among them, the home of Aalto family and the Studio. And Helsinki, capital of Finland, has a lot to offer in design, food and lifestyle.

Day 3-4:  Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä University

Jyväskylä area is where Alvar Aalto started his career and where the largest number of his designs have been built, among them the Jyväskylä University. Also take a look at the Alvar Aalto Museum, which gives you a wealth of information on this great architect and his work.

Muurame Church

Day 5: Noormarkku and Kauttua


Villa Mairea is one of key designs in Alvar Aalto’s career and has a wonderful collection of art. It is situated in the historical Noormarkku Works area, owned by Ahlström company. Similarly, the Kauttua Works area also has some interesting designs by Aalto: The Riverside Sauna ja the Terraced House.

Day 6: Turku and Paimio

Paimio Sanatorium

Turku is where Aaltos moved late 1920’s and where Alvar Aalto started to adopt the Modern Style, Functionalism. Witness this at the Paimio Sanatorium which was the key piece in gaining international fame to Alvar Aalto.

Tour ends.

Suggestion: you can continue your tour to Sweden, cruising on one of the large passanger ferries over night or over day (11 hour journey). And see the wonderful islands of the Finnish Archipelago.

Cruising through the Archipelago



More details available on request. Tour can be complemented with other cities in Finland and/or other Nordic countries.