Christmas tours on offer

We have special Christmas tours to offer in Turku. We also offer a Christmas Walk Online, a virtual tour!!

Join us to see and hear how Christmas is celebrated in Turku and in Finland.

If you wish a tour in English or Swedish, please reserve a private tour.


Mindfulness moment

Savojärvi lake

I was cooped up inside all day – trying to innovate, thinking how to develop, market and co-operate with other people. For 9 hours. Driving home, I got this crazy idea. This is one of the routes I use often. I enjoy watching beautiful scenery from car window and feel relaxed just by looking at it while driving by. But not today.

Today I parked my car at Kurjenrahka national park and went for a walk. It was 7 degrees Celsius/44.6 Fahrenheit and I had summer clothes on me. I wasn’t prepared for this.

walkway Duckboard
Some pathways are easy to walk and there are clear signs where to go – you can’t get lost.

shoe path
Some pathways are less easy to walk, especially with summer shoes in October. I strongly recommend using a good footwear when going to nature. For me, it was easier to take shoes and stockings off and walk barefoot.

Before realizing how much easier it was to be barefoot, I went off-track to take some photos and immediately broke my stockings (that’s 6,95€ lost).

But I think it was worth it – and much more. Just look at this scenery! Swamp. Marsh. Bog.

There is also a lake, but we got lakes everywhere. It’s nothing special. Swamp, that’s where my soul rests.

Sunny swamp
What did I do:
walk about 1,6 km/1 mile
spent 45 minutes in nature
End up with:
20 photos
1 pair of broken stockings
1 pair of lungs filled with fresh air
1 brain relaxed and invigorated


Experienced and written by Karoliina.

PS. You can enjoy Finnish nature at any time of the year, contact us and we can arrange a tour for you.


Turku Region

Turku is the oldest town of Finland, with a nearly 800 year history to explore. The town was established by the River Aura, which is still the major attraction of the downtown Turku.

A walk by the river, what ever time of the year, will give you an idea of the town and it’s history and present. Culture, merchandise, ideas and people arrived to this part of world along the river and spread from here all over the country.

The region of Finland was governed from Turku for hundreds of years, until 1812, and this was the starting point  and cradle for many an institution, phenomena and invention.

Turku and the nearby councils have a lot to offer for the traveller.  Whether you are looking for history, culture, architecture, nature, culinary or any other kind of experiences, Turku Region has most of it.

Images of Turku