How to get to Paimio Sanatorium

Paimio town is located approximately 140 kilometers away from Helsinki city center and 30 km from Turku. Paimio Sanatorium is approx 3 km away from Paimio town center.

You can reach Paimio with a car or by public transport.

Paimio Sanatorium exact street address is Alvar Aallontie 275. Please note that you can only visit the building with a guided tour.  For more information on the tours: Paimio Sanatorium guided tours

Public transport from Helsinki:  Express buses from Helsinki to Paimio stop at a bus stop called ”Paimio th, moottoritie (liittymä 11)” or “Paimio motorway junction 11”. Bus schedules can be found at Matkahuolto site.

The motorway junction is approx 5 km away from the Sanatorium. There is a pedestrian walk way all the way, if you wish to walk, but it is also possible to take a taxi. Order taxi by dialling number +358 21 0041.

Note: there is limited availability of taxis so pre-ordering is advisable.

From Helsinki, you can also take a train or a bus to Turku, and enjoy the oldest town in Finland and it also has some Alvar Aalto attractions, along with the historical ones.

Public transport from Turku:  To get to the Sanatorium from Turku you can take a local bus to Paimio. Please note that the schedule for the bus is very irregular, especially during the summer. It takes approx. 1 hour to travel. Please check the timetables in advance at or at Turku region traffic site, fö

Some local buses take you directly to the Sanatorium (stop is called Paimion sairaala) but some of them only stop at the centre of Paimio, approximately 3 kilometres away from the Sanatorium. From the centre you walk (pedestrian walkways all the way,) or you can call a taxi by dialling number +358 21 0041.

Note, that the Sanatorium is called Paimion parantola in Finnish , but the road signs and the timetables often state: Paimion sairaala (Paimio hospital). It is the same place.

Private car: if you arrive by car, there is a parking place next to the Sanatorium (market with P).

If you wish, we can help you with your transport needs. Whether you need a bus for the group or a private car for a smaller group. We can also make public transport and taxi reservations for you.

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The Evidence: Healthy Architecture Discussion event at Paimio Sanatorium

UPDATE:  This program is now available at BBC World Service online service:



On Sunday 7th April at 15.00-16.30

BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection present The Evidence: Healthy Architecture in collaboration with Paimio Sanitorium and Magni Mundi

Come and listen in to the recording of a BBC World Service radio programme exploring the Paimio TB Sanitorium from an architectural, historical and contemporary health perspective. This discussion event is inspired by Wellcome Collection’s  recent ‘Living with Buildings’ exhibition, which explored the relationship between architecture and health. There will be the opportunity for the audience to join the conversation and ask their questions.

Confirmed speakers:
Heini Hakosalo, Tommi Lindh and Laura Arpiainen

This programme is part of ‘The Evidence, a series produced by the BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection to explore the challenges our world face today. The recordings of The Evidence 2019 will be broadcast on the BBC World Service on 20 April, 27 April and 4 May.

Wellcome Collection is a free museum and library in London that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health. Their recent Living with Buildings exhibition featured the  Paimio Sanitorium, including a new artist commission by Giles Round. Their Global Clinic exhibition is open until 24 April.

Free event, only limited number of seats available. Pre-booking mandatory: Book your seat for the discussion event here

The Discussion Event will be preceded by guided tours starting at 13.00. Magni Mundi  is organising tours both in English and in Finnish.  More information on tours here.

Book your guided tour here

Paimio Sanatorium -Theme Tours

In addition to our Standard tour, it is possible to book a themed tour at the Sanatorium. Choose your favourite from the themes below.

Duration of a theme tour is 2 hours.

Theme Tours 

Young architects Alvar and Aino Aalto
Your guide tells you more about the ideals behind the architecture. Alvar and Aino were about 30 years old while designing Paimio Sanatorium. Why have they chosen these railings, windows or door handles for this building? What is the idea behind these various forms?

Furniture at Paimio Sanatorium
Paimio Sanatorium was finished two years before Artek – furniture company was founded. Aaltos designed all the furniture, lamps and so on for this large building. During  this theme tour we concentrate on details of the furniture and talk about manufacturing. Why are there so many different chairs?

Cultural history of Sanatorium
What was is like to be a patient at Paimio Sanatorium in different decades? What was Finland like in 1930s when the Sanatorium was built and how is it reflected on the architecture? Your guide will tell you stories about how  alcohol was smuggled to the Sanatorium and how people living around the Sanatorium felt about it. 

Tuberculosis and its treatments
This theme concentrates on medical side of the Sanatorium history. What kind of disease is tuberculosis and how was it treated in different decades? What was it like to be a patient at Paimio Sanatorium? How architecture would help to fight this deadly disease?

Photography & sketching

Would you like more time to take photos or make sketches? Our guides show you the most photogenic corners and rooms. Smaller groups might even have time to visit areas that normally are closed for visitors. Sketching tours are popular among architect students – you’ll have more time in each room to see, draw and photograph the details. The tour can be tailor made, according to your wishes.

More info on all the Paimio Sanatorium tours