Christmas themed walks in Turku

Come and join our Christmas themed walks in Turku during the holidays. Find out how Finns celebrate Christmas.

ChristmasWalk Extra  on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

We will start the walk with a brief tour of the  Turku Cathedral. Then we continue along the river and towards the modern centre.
You will hear stories about Turku, past and present, and about Finnish Christmas traditions.

Remember to dress according to weather. Warm clothing is a must!

On Christmas Day 25.12. at 3 pm

On Boxing Day 26.12.  at 3 pm

Start: Turku Cathedral steps (Turun tuomiokirkko)
Duration: approx 1.5 h

Tickets 15 e per person, from our webshop

(Tours in Finnish, check here / Suomenkielisistä kierroksista lisätietoja täältä)


Alvar Aalto Week 23.8.-1.9.2019

We have a special Alvar Aalto Week in Turku and Paimio this August.

For more information on the whole program of the week see here:

Magni Mundi has several tours in English during the week, check out the program here:

Bryggman Institute has an international mini-seminar on Finnish Modernism on the 30th August. More information here:,Detail/

The Evidence: Healthy Architecture Discussion event at Paimio Sanatorium

UPDATE:  This program is now available at BBC World Service online service:



On Sunday 7th April at 15.00-16.30

BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection present The Evidence: Healthy Architecture in collaboration with Paimio Sanitorium and Magni Mundi

Come and listen in to the recording of a BBC World Service radio programme exploring the Paimio TB Sanitorium from an architectural, historical and contemporary health perspective. This discussion event is inspired by Wellcome Collection’s  recent ‘Living with Buildings’ exhibition, which explored the relationship between architecture and health. There will be the opportunity for the audience to join the conversation and ask their questions.

Confirmed speakers:
Heini Hakosalo, Tommi Lindh and Laura Arpiainen

This programme is part of ‘The Evidence, a series produced by the BBC World Service and Wellcome Collection to explore the challenges our world face today. The recordings of The Evidence 2019 will be broadcast on the BBC World Service on 20 April, 27 April and 4 May.

Wellcome Collection is a free museum and library in London that aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health. Their recent Living with Buildings exhibition featured the  Paimio Sanitorium, including a new artist commission by Giles Round. Their Global Clinic exhibition is open until 24 April.

Free event, only limited number of seats available. Pre-booking mandatory: Book your seat for the discussion event here

The Discussion Event will be preceded by guided tours starting at 13.00. Magni Mundi  is organising tours both in English and in Finnish.  More information on tours here.

Book your guided tour here

Paimio Sanatorium guided tours

Visit Paimio Sanatorium on our guided tours. There are several options, duration from one to two hours. Private tours are arranged per order, please contact us for booking.

Note: you need to participate on a guided tour to visit the Sanatorium.


Standard tour 1.5 h

90 € (1–6 persons).
7 or more persons 15 € / person.

Highlights tour 1 h

75 € (1–5 persons).
Only for 1-5 persons. We’ll visit as many rooms as the time allows.
Note! Guide is booked for 60 minutes only. If you arrive 10 mins late, your tour will be 50 mins.

Themed tour 2 h

120 € (1–6 persons).
7 or more persons 15 € / person + 30 € single payment.

Choose theme of four different choices: Theme Tours

Payment via our web shop or in cash. Invoicing  by prior agreement.
Please contact us for more details.

Starting location:  Paimio Sanatorium main entrance, outside.

Languages:  Finnish and English.  Also available, with limitations: Swedish, German, Italian.

All private tours have to be pre-booked. There is no one at the Sanatorium on stand-by. 

Address: Alvar Aallontie 275, Paimio



Public tours for 2020 will be announced later. 

The public tour is approx 1.5 hours long, and possibly bilingual (Finnish-English). Cost 15 e per person. No charge for children under 12 years.

Tickets should be prebooked at our webshop.

Please contact us for more information: sales (at)
Additional contact information and contact form on the Contact page.

More information of the Sanatorium itself here.

Alvar Aalto in Turku

Alvar Aalto, Aino Marsio-Aalto and Erik Bryggman are behind the change from classical architecture to modern. Finland’s first modern buildings were built in Turku.

You will see three buildings Aaltos designed in Turku center – Southwestern Finland Agricultural Cooperative Building, Tapani building apartment house and Turun Sanomat newspaper building. You will also see some buildings from Erik Bryggman that were built at the same period as Aalto’s buildings.

Listen to stories about Aaltos time in Turku, how their designs change from classical style to modernism while they’re working on buildings in Turku. You will see some buildings in transition and some completely modern buildings, designs following all Le Corbusier’s five principles.

Duration: 1, 5 h

Price:  110 euro per group (1-25 persons)

Note: the tour is mostly outdoors, remember to dress according to weather!

It is possible to combine this tour with a visit to Paimio Sanatorium, and/or meal, overnight, other tours.

Please ask for more information!

Modern Chapels

Two modern chapels at the Turku Cemetery – from different decades. Also included are many stories concerning the cemetery itself.

Beautiful Resurrection Chapel by Erik Bryggman gave solace to people when it was finished during II world war in 1941. No photo can tell you how sunlight reflects from altar and surrounding forest connects to the interior.
Holy Cross Chapel is the most important work of Pekka Pitkänen. It has been stripped of everything non-essential to focus on the essential – to say goodbye to loved one and see them to ground. The concrete surface come to life in the most well thought details in this chapel from 1967. Tour also covers some of the cemetary around.

Erik Bryggman (7 February 1891, Turku – 21 December 1955, Turku) was a Finnish architect. He studied architecture at Helsinki University of Technology, completing his studies in 1916. He worked in Helsinki before starting his own office in Turku in 1923. In 1927 he started to collaborate with architect Alvar Aalto, and together they became pioneers in Finland in modernist architecture.

Duration: 1, 5 h

Price: 110 euro per group (1-25 persons)

Note: the tour is mostly outdoors, remember to dress according to weather!

It is possible to combine this tour with a visit to Paimio Sanatorium, and/or meal, overnight, other tours.

Please ask for more information!

Paimio Sanatorium -Theme Tours

In addition to our Standard tour, it is possible to book a themed tour at the Sanatorium. Choose your favourite from the themes below.

Theme Tours 

Young architects Alvar and Aino Aalto
Your guide tells you more about the ideals behind the architecture. Alvar and Aino were about 30 years old while designing Paimio Sanatorium. Why have they chosen these railings, windows or door handles for this building? What is the idea behind these various forms?

Furniture at Paimio Sanatorium
Paimio Sanatorium was finished two years before Artek – furniture company was founded. Aaltos designed all the furniture, lamps and so on for this large building. During  this theme tour we concentrate on details of the furniture and talk about manufacturing. Why are there so many different chairs?

Cultural history of Sanatorium
What was is like to be a patient at Paimio Sanatorium in different decades? What was Finland like in 1930s when the Sanatorium was built and how is it reflected on the architecture? Your guide will tell you stories about how  alcohol was smuggled to the Sanatorium and how people living around the Sanatorium felt about it. 

Tuberculosis and its treatments
This theme concentrates on medical side of the Sanatorium history. What kind of disease is tuberculosis and how was it treated in different decades? What was it like to be a patient at Paimio Sanatorium? How architecture would help to fight this deadly disease?

Duration of a theme tour is 2 hours.

Paimio Sanatorium

Paimio Sanatorium - Paimion parantola

Experience Alvar Aalto’s modern masterpiece with all your senses.

Paimio Sanatorium was finished at 1933 and it functioned as tuberculosis sanatorium for decades. It is a masterpiece by Alvar Aalto. Building itself is a healing element.

On our tour you’ll get to see this wonderful architecture from inside and also furniture and lamps that were designed for this building. Sanatorium was designed to be completely functional – for patients and staff both. Even colors follow the function of the room.

All tours with the guide! Without a guide admiring the building outside is possible, but remember NOT to take any photos of the people there. You can take photos of the building, but there can’t be any people in your photos that can be even remotely identified. This rule is strict to protect families staying in Sanatorium. Inside only entrance hall is public space.

See more information about the guided tours here.

The Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People Mannerheim League for Child Welfare started at the Paimio Sanatorium on 1st of April 2014.

The Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People was established in 2000 by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. Both the League and the Foundation are non-profit-making, non-governmental organizations concerned with child welfare and child protection as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and in the objectives of the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Foundation’s work concentrates on children and young people with chronic illnesses, injuries or psychosocial and developmental disorders and on their families.

Contact us to arrange your visit at Paimio Sanatorium!

Tours in Paimio



Possible to arrange all year round.

We’ll visit local handcrafters and their workshops around Paimio. Possibility to buy handicrafts and art during our tour. Tour either starts or ends at Handicraft museum Miila where you’ll have a guided tour.

Duration of this tour depends on how many places you’d like to visit.


Possible to arrange June-August.

This tour takes you to see beautiful countryside, statue forest by local artist and shopping in farms. You can buy local products from where they are produced.

In the middle of this tour we visit a small café with wonderful garden.


Possible to arrange all year round.

You can book this tour separately or connect this as part of your “Day at Paimio” -package.

Paimio has long history from Stone Age to modern time. It used to be a market place for traders from Estonia, Germany and so on – already long before Turku, Finland’s oldest city, was founded. With this tour you’ll visit three church places, wonder weird street names and see the mountain where giants live. Guide will tell you the most interesting things of Paimio you didn’t know you wanted to know.


Walking tours are 2-3 km long and there are benches where you can sit while listening the guide.


Possible to arrange all year around.

Guide leads you to see city as living and ever-growing entity with buildings from many centuries coming together and forming a unique city center.  Buildings in Paimio center range from 17th century to present day – oldest building is our church and newest the parish office.


Possible to arrange all year around.

With a guide you get to hear stories behind statues at city center. Many statues represent some bigger fenomena so with this tour you don’t only learn who made what and when but also lots about Finnish culture.



Includes Paimio Sanatorium, Electricity Museum, Handicraft Museum Miila, lunch and one guided tour of your choosing. It can be “history of Paimio” -bus tour, one of our walking tours, visiting a hydroelectric plant or something completely different. Contact us and we’ll make your day at Paimio unforgettable!


We organize guided tours at the Paimio Sanatorium. For more information click here.

Turku Region

Turku is the oldest town of Finland, with a nearly 800 year history to explore. The town was established by the River Aura, which is still the major attraction of the downtown Turku.

A walk by the river, what ever time of the year, will give you an idea of the town and it’s history and present. Culture, merchandise, ideas and people arrived to this part of world along the river and spread from here all over the country.

The region of Finland was governed from Turku for hundreds of years, until 1812, and this was the starting point  and cradle for many an institution, phenomena and invention.

Turku and the nearby councils have a lot to offer for the traveller.  Whether you are looking for history, culture, architecture, nature, culinary or any other kind of experiences, Turku Region has most of it.

Images of Turku