Magni Mundi

Magni Mundi is a travel agency serving especially travel trade and academic clients.

We offer tailored group and FIT tours and travel package in Finland. Our main operational area is Turku Region and South-Western Finland.

Our passion is to offer rich cultural experiences, according to customer needs and wishes. Our specialties include architecture, history, food, life style and more.

Paimio Sanatorium and Alvar Aalto

If you are interested in Paimio Sanatorium tours, please click here. 

We also have lots of other tours on offer – more information here.



How to get to Paimio Sanatorium

Paimio town is located approximately 140 kilometers away from Helsinki city center and 30 km from Turku. Paimio Sanatorium is approx 3 km away from Paimio town center. You can reach Paimio with a car or by public transport. Paimio Sanatorium exact street address is Alvar Aallontie 275. Please note that you can only visit …

Mindfulness moment

I was cooped up inside all day – trying to innovate, thinking how to develop, market and co-operate with other people. For 9 hours. Driving home, I got this crazy idea. This is one of the routes I use often. I enjoy watching beautiful scenery from car window and feel relaxed just by looking at …

Christmas themed walks in Turku

Come and join our Christmas themed walks in Turku during the holidays. Find out how Finns celebrate Christmas. ChristmasWalk Extra  on Christmas Day and Boxing Day We will start the walk with a brief tour of the  Turku Cathedral. Then we continue along the river and towards the modern centre. You will hear stories about …

Programs and Services

We offer our clients tailor-made travel programs in Finland.

Whether it is Helsinki, Turku, the Archipelago or Lapland that you want to visit, or any other corner of Finland, you can contact us.

Architectural Tours are our specialty. Our base is in Turku region where Paimio Sanatorium is located. Also, the first buildings representing Functionalism in Finland were erected in Turku and designed by Alvar Aalto himself and Erik Bryggman, another pioneer of Functionalism.

* Paimio Sanatorium guided tours

* Alvar Aalto in Turku

* Modern Chapels


Other Tours

*Tours in Paimio

If you want to visit any part of Finland, get in touch with us, and we will help you to have a nice stay in Finland!

Examples of other Tours and Travel packages by request.

We are also part of the Visit Alvar Aalto network and offer Alvar Aalto themed travel packages to all Aalto destinations in Finland. See one example tour here.

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